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The Brown Sisters On Diverse Books In Contemtempory Romance Is Legendary

When I first picked up Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert in early June last year I had knew how much impact Take A Hint, Dani Brown and Act Your Age, Eve Brown would have. They are just three sister who happened to be women of color just living there lives and for that reason alone I'm so glad these three books are highly rated in the book community.

With the lack of progress the last few years for every women, especially those of color, here's me gushing in a personal yet thoughtful review about these characters stories.

Get A Life, Chloe Brown

This all starts with a Brown Sister, red head named Red two opposite souls with similar love issues.

I just love pointing out that Chloe Brown and Redford Morgan are the most realistic characters I've read in any book. Now I go back and forth between fantasy and romance pretty often so my standards may be blurred a little. Yet the thing is a lot of there life up until they get to know each other is working themselves out. Chloe's journey defiantly sets the tone for how adult this book will be. She is determined for her independence and knowing how much she can and wouldn't handle living by herself apart from her family.

A major part of course that has to do with her fibromyalgia which is beautiful and not so pretty at times part of her lifestyle. I recall just blinking tears away at how upfront of a personality she has with Red. Who in turn chooses to stick around while being kind and patient doing thing on there ventures together. They're both relearning how to deal with people outside of there family who they can trust and slowly open up. Considering this all starts with Chloe thinking there enemies and Red belief she'll never tolerate him I loved it. Despite how much of a cliche it is and always will. These two drive the entire plot and how it unfolds, with each joke, activity, and the sexual tension that forms there relationship.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Maybe this was me already excited to read Evie Browns book after her dialogue in the eldest sisters book. Or just me being the youngest child of my maternal sides family knowing how fun and lighthearted we are, but it was perfection. Evie Brown was just as wild and relatable in her own book as I knew she would needed to be.

The second book I read from the standalone sisters trilogy hit me a whole lot because I went in knowing absolutely nothing. Everything from Eve's dry humor to her random quips with Jacob, the love interest, got to me and for some reason was the closet to sounding like me. It made this book even more immersive and easy to go along with because of how incidental everything that happens is. How Eve see's herself and slowly gets Jacob to break down his walls of perfection and organization for his business is the best romance I've read in a while.

One thing is for sure my love of the grumpy and sunshine trope is what made this book far memorable for me. The sudden forced proximity for Eve and Jacob but there relationship is the most adorable self discovery journey and even cuter love story. Aside from that there so reliant on each that it extends beyond there work schedule. They are literally made for each and become so dependent without knowing it that my expectations flew. I'm not even disappointed I didn't realize this was the last book until after I was done with it because it definitely gave me the happy energy booster thats always needed.

Take A Hint, Dani Brown

Dani Brown and Zafir are the most beautiful yet complex characters that I want to hug were they real. The sequel of the Brown sisters stories and I was ready to get emotionally beat down. Between this one and Evie's story had taken a break because I didn't want to finish. But then I was able to buy this one for six dollars and it was over just like that. I read it as soon as it was in my hands.

Zafir is my absolute favorite teddy bear that is a safety if I had to chose between him and Jacob. He's overcome so much and heart connected with his path so much I have no words. Everything he's been working for with his nonprofit Tackle It in this book would have made me screamed if at Dani Brown to marry him right away. To stop acting like this person who for all intents could not be more perfect. What Zafir has gone through in his early adult life is miraculous and his loss forces Dani to evaluate how she looks at emotional attachement.

I'm in shock at how much these three fictional sisters books were a game changer for my confidence. But Danica Brown really took it to the next level with how much of a underrated sassy intelligent woman like would kick me into gear and intimidate me. How I wish there was an announcement for a movie adaptation for each of them, but this one in particular. Or at least in the work, by the time I'd got through Eve's book.

Every little thing by the time I finished closed the Dani Brown's story is how beautiful and strong the bond of sisterhood can be. Also that there's always a need for potential love from the most unexpected person who its okay to be vulnerable with because they want you to. As a young adult black women, sister and daughter I think it's the most precious thing to have love stories out there like this. I for one can't wait to venture into more of this type of storytelling.

A Trio Of Books Beyond Rating

These three books deserve five stars and beyond. Just for the value they bring of many different aspects of these characters identities as black females.

Feel free to leave any recommendations down below for similar books as The Brown Sisters series!

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