Last Night In Soho Is A Movie That Surprisingly Made Me Cry

Last Night In Soho follows quiet and reserved teenager Eloise who moves out to London from the Cornwall to attend school to become a fashion designer. The young main character moves out her dorm due to a unkind roommate and her 'friends'. She ends up in a rented room of a old lady that turns out is a lot more than asked for.

Eloise dreams transport her back to 1960s Soho London and follows Sandie a singer, that also happens to be a blonde, who the teen slowly becomes merged with.

These odd portal dreams start out nice until Eloise realizes that Sandie is forced to have intercourse with old and disgusting men by Jack. The manger who promised to get into a position of the big leagues as a musical artist.

Its about the best social commentary this year of a women's right. Plus the way that no female body autonomy can cause damage.With a surprise ending thats obvious but you don't suspect.

In a thriller horror movie which I had no intentions watching. At least until I had some free time open this weekend and saw the trailer for this movie. And I'm glad I did.

Its dual message about how Elosie and Sandie as young woman, who have done nothing wrong, had me tearing up in this movie.

But I'm glad I did because it demonstrated how real and scary the issue of women not having a voice can be in a odd situation and point of view.