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A Slow July Reading Update With Some Books I Started In June

Since the halfway mark month of this year is almost up I'm realizing I have a tendency to pick up the books that reflect I feel and act. Case in point I am and will always be a mood reader because of this fact but the books speak for themselves. So without further ado. (Insert my unhinged laughter from behind the screen. ) Here are my central reads that'll probably take up the duration or be finished in July.

My newest current physical read Gods Of Jade And Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

My first ever read from Silvia Moreno-Garcia and I already despise some of the characters two chapters in. The female main character is going through something and so far is very much treated like their unessential. I'm ready to see them fight everyone to regain their freedom. But their will be more in depth thoughts about this next Wednesday.

Working Through It by Kasha Thompson

I'm about 15% of the way through this book on my kindle and I love the thought process of both the main characters so far. They are both so extra but also desperate because of unresolved hurts from their past romantic relationship. Not to mention the downright ugly process of having the same workspace and boss who happens to be the female main characters dad's church. Add on top of that they have to be extra cordial because of the place. And the plot of working together with there complicated past. I love this type of realistic drama in contemporary romances.

The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta

I love young adult diverse books that are in poetry format. I'm almost 60% of the way through between listening to the audiobook and reading on my kindle for this book. And I am loving it. The growth and discovery of Michael the teenage protagonist for each chapter is beautiful and so mature from anything I thought about growing up. All because of who he prefers to love and the pressure of family and classmates behaviors plus the assumptions. That said it's definitely going to be five stars because I'm flying through it.

When Night Breaks by Janella Angeles

The second book in the Kingdom of Cards duology I'm now done with. For me theres hopefulness this dramatic series builds up resolution in a beautiful way. Theres's more suspense around what happens in the first book Where Dreams Descend given with some answers the protagnist Kallia is suspicious of. Yet she is conflicted to believe due to what she knows already. It has the same air of mysteriousness, and oftentimes repetitiveness, to unanswered questions still. But I can see the appeal of it all forming, because of the romance and desperation of each character getting answers. It was a stalled read for me because I want things to get better but in a fantasy romance like this. They always usually are slow to do it in a way that's completely to sastifaction. And yet I felt glad when I closed this book.

If you got down this far thanks for sticking with me!

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