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50 White Elephant Gifts for any Time of the Year

Finding the perfect gift for this game is always daunting, whether it be for family, significant others, or friends. Expectations for every person and every occasion are different. 

While most people have gift swaps during the winter holiday season, having a White Elephant event as a graduation or birthday celebration can be fun. 

All items can be found with an easy Amazon search or from small businesses on Etsy, a site useful for finding personalized items. 

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10 Fun Ideas for Dating in College

Whether single, dating or taken, everyone’s bombarded with messages about love just in time for spring. And of course, the joking posts about love do make everyone feel appreciated; all college students enjoy laughing at relatable jokes about love, whether they are single or dating.

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 Oklahoma Her Campus Single Valentines Poetry List 

This last one is for the deep appreciation I have of poetry and it's exactly as it reads. Some of these poems are more well-known while others have helped me cope with a single lifestyle. These are just some of my favorite lines from them.

This is inspired by a recent article that I found from last year on titled “Like a hook into the eye”: 9 anti-love poems. After being single as all get out for years here are five anti-love poems for every single out there to remind us all that Valentine honestly is secretly a con holiday. We are all sad and lonely at one point or another so keep your head up.  Go google these, read them to remind yourself of how much love can suck sometimes, and then go live your life.

Here is the link to the short piece for 5 Anti-Love Poems For Singles
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