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Welcome to my freelance and book blog Escapism For Life.

My preferred name is Jaylen
If you want to get more please visit the about page above. 


I plan to use this site for lengthier fictional thoughts, book reviews, and updates, among other posts that come to mind.  Reading is what occupies my time most of the time in the week. Ever since I could remember fantasy has been my favorite thing to discuss with anyone.  And so far it's been quite a journey of books I've read. I'm a frequent library occupant of the Young Adult section. But I also have a to-be-read list that's almost past the two hundred mark and have at least fifty books or more. 

 I've had an Instagram page for all things books also known as a bookstagram.  But my love for stories begins with my own interest in having written some myself. And I can't wait to see where this new form of writing takes me.  


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